Insights into Jewish Heritage

The Centro de Estudios del Bajo Martín is pleased to announce  the First International Colloquium on Jewish Heritage, which will take place in Híjar and Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel, Spain) from October 20 to 21, 2016, during the 3rd Edition of the Days of Cultural Heritage in the Bajo Martín (19-23 October)

This International Colloquium aims at building framework for reflection on the Jewish cultural heritage in the area and its study, preservation and recovery. The approach to Jewish heritage will be broad: historical, documentary and archival, literary, architectural, etc., featuring the contributions and products of the Aragon region in general and the Bajo Martín area in particular.

At present, Spanish Jewish cultural heritage is eliciting significant interest and is an object of reflection and even controversy. As a consequence, this seems a pertinent moment to question scholars, researchers, professionals and citizens about this issue and to invite them to participate in this forum for academic discussion.

All in all, the Colloquium aims to be a place to share results and discuss the perspectives of current research in Jewish studies as well of heritage recovery initiatives which are currently either in progress or are included in prospective projects for heritage restoration and tourist promotion.

The Colloquium will provide attendees with a theoretical framework drawn up by renowned scholars. Their plenary lectures will present the state of the art in the field of their current research field so that it serves as a starting point for debate. Each session will conclude with a time for participants to share their comments and engage in questions on the given topic.


Sessions will address the following aspects and themes:

  • Session I Historical and Documentary Heritage of the Aragonese Jewish Quarters
  • Session II Cultural Heritage: the Intellectual Legacy of the “People of the Book”
  • Session III Cultural Heritage: Sephardic Hebrew Printing

Confirmed lecturers (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Prof. Dr. Javier del Barco, Spanish National Research Council (Madrid)
  • Prof. Dr. Ram Ben Shalom, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
  • Prof. Dr. Asunción Blasco, Universidad de Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
  • Prof. Dr. Javier Castaño, Spanish National Research Council (Madrid)
  • Prof. Dr. Marjorie Lehman, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America-Columbia University (New York)
  • Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel Motis, Universidad de San Jorge (Zaragoza)

The Colloquium will be a forum for knowledge transfer, relating the academic research in Jewish studies to applications in business development, cultural management and professional activities . It will be followed by a practical workshop addressed to professionals and researchers interested in participating in a working session. They will present and discuss individual or collective proposals relating to tourist or cultural promotion of Aragonese Jewish heritage, its recovery and tourism promotion. This post-colloquium event will take place on October 22. The scientific languages of the Colloquium are English and Spanish and simultaneous interpretation service will be available. Video streaming of the lectures will be available on the website of the Centro de Estudios del Bajo Martín.

Registration will be open until Friday, October 15 2016. The attached registration form should be filled in and sent to On-line registration is also available on our website:

There is a registration fee of 20 euros (10 euros for graduate or undergraduate students and unemployed and senior citizens). The fee includes bus transportation to the event sites and a diploma.



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